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Evolution of our value proposition and other commercial learnings

My name is Andrés López, in 2016 I founded Kuatro Marketing as a solution to a precarious and very limited job offer. But today's not the time to talk about it.

I want to share with you, under the temporal perspective of these years, how we have consolidated our essence; successes and failures that have formed the basis of our DNA.

Genetics, as a science that studies biological transmission, describes DNA as the essential instructions that make up a living organism. Vivo is perhaps the most concrete adjective to define a business project.

During our first months of life, as Kuatro Marketing, we were guided by a simple but really practical principle.

If you can't do big things, do small things big.

Napoleon Hill, American writer, coined this phrase in one of his most famous books; Think and Grow Rich. In fact, we couldn't do great things.

At that time, combining my academic training and work experience, I was no more than a training financier with a good commercial profile and obsessed with planning. However, Adrian, had a good technical ability, as a telecommunications engineer and his experience as a computer developer in Ireland.

The theories of innovation and business development, which we had shared during a Master's Degree at the University of Vigo, indicated that we should strengthen our best skills. That's how we did it. Me, commercial and administrative tasks, and Adrian, the executing arm.

Our services were very simple, offering visibility improvements for small businesses: simple websites, basic positioning and private hosting solutions. A few months later we understood that we had entered a purely technical market, where the difference lies in the price, error!

Kuatro Marketing's value proposition was by no means sufficient, did not differentiate itself, nor did it provide sufficient value to the customer for there to be long-term business relationships.

What did we do? Listen and swivel.

We spent weeks trying to understand what was really needed by the type of customer we had been selling technical services to up until now. Read opinions in forums and networks about marketing agency services.

We understood that a web service is still a communication tool, from a small business to a large company; you will not find a visible return on investment if there is no planning and coordination work around the tools, and the overall business strategy.

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Single-value proposal

Returning to the skills acquired in strategic marketing during my academic training, we fit the multiple digital tools into a broader project. Looking at the strategic framework, months were devoted to training in tools.

We had a differentiating proposal, a strategic and operational framework with digital solutions. However, we lacked another stumbling block; the target we reached with that technical proposal did not perceive the need for a strategic service, and if it did, it could not afford the cost.


The future had made us start the house from the roof, we had an interesting proposal of value, but we didn't know who could be willing to pay for it. Again, observe and listen.

Our proposal had to be offered to the client that perceived an added value to the outsourcing of strategic tasks, and management of digital tools. Only a priori small and medium-sized enterprises are interested in a strategic service, however, because we were going to forget the small self-employed.

Personalized Value Proposals

We started working in the advisory service. A self-employed person may not be able to cope with the complete outsourcing of their marketing; however, they do perceive that they need help, training and a telephone to call when they are not clear about their marketing actions.

We learned that there is no single proposal for a multi-sector market with such different audiences in order of perceived needs, real and with such diverse objectives. We had to generate a value proposition tailored to each client.

Today Kuatro Marketing tackles digital marketing projects throughout the national territory, based on the improvement of user experience; offering value proposals according to the size, needs and skills of each applicant, always respecting our philosophy of customer orientation and values of commitment, perseverance and continuous improvement.

So far our history, as you see it is hard to undertake; the road is full of obstacles that we must face as a method of learning. I hope you enjoyed reading our story and getting to know us better.

We are not the largest agency; however, with our effort and continuous learning, we are committed to making you feel that you have made a good decision, trusting us with your digital marketing processes.

Start, learn, enjoy.

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