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Since its inception in 2016, Tik Tok has established itself as one of the most successful social networks of the moment. Its operation is very simple, based on the playback of small music clips that users can dub, apply effects and play with a host of augmented reality features.

It has grown so much, especially among teenagers, that many firms have chosen it as one of the main pillars on which to base their communication.

The target, your great ally

Currently, it is estimated that the application has around 500 million users. Of these, a total of 52% are between 14 and 24 years old. This makes this app one of the best options to impact an audience located around this age group, especially active in digital environments. On the other hand, it is also worth noting the good acceptance it has had by the female audience, with a mass of 70% of the total.

According to different studies carried out by the main marketing agencies, teenagers spend around 46 minutes online per day. This figure is especially relevant if we take into account that most videos do not exceed 15 seconds in length. Most of them, recorded with a very fresh and fun content that have been consolidated as the two main aspects to be highlighted.

One of the points that has fostered this growth is its ability to viralize each of its creations. Allowing to create marketing strategies at a very contained price.

What are the most active companies?

The NBA, an example to follow

One of the firms that has welcomed the revolution brought about by this social network with greater force has been the NBA. With a fan base of around 10 million users, it is possible to enjoy the application of a large number of videos and all kinds of plays by some of the best players in the world.

In addition, it has also begun to be used with a function very similar to the one included in Instagram: with live broadcasts, meetings with the protagonists of the matches and a succession of contents that, to the rhythm of music, are specially designed to delight all the fans of the best basketball league in the world.

The NBA was one of the first professional sports leagues to begin using Tik Tok on a regular basis. Today, several leagues have tried to replicate its example. So far, however, none has been as successful.


Nickelodeon, bringing together a large audience

Nickelodeon was one of the first television channels to bet on Tik Tok when promoting its services. Beyond the content that may be more common, Nickelodeon's commitment is working to position itself as one of the accounts with the largest number of followers in the field of television, thanks to the continuous clips and all kinds of videos made daily with the aim of entertaining children.

In countries like the United States, it is one of the channels with the longest history, having been present in the childhood of many generations. Through this factor, it aims to establish an emotional bond with its users, who are usually their parents, with continuous nods to their childhood through some of the most memorable moments of the series of yesteryear. By means of this formula, since its irruption in this social network it has seen how its peak audience has not stopped growing in recent years. It has become a reference in strategy in this social network.


Red Bull, making extreme sports visible

By nature, Red Bull has always been one of the brands that has shown the greatest commitment to showing the public its different feats around some of its never-ending risk sports. With the aim of bringing its energy drink to a teenage audience, Red Bull has worked on a careful strategy through this social network, bringing together an increasingly significant audience and becoming a true reference in social media.

In its official profile, sport lovers can find an oasis of experiences full of adrenaline, tension and, above all, good atmosphere. Thanks to the format that allows the application to play video, Red Bull has taken advantage of the many options it offers for all those who love risky sports, showing endless quality details of some of its most internationally recognized athletes. At the same time it invites its community to participate in some of its sessions, trying to encourage interaction.

Red Bull is one of the benchmarks when it comes to analyzing the success of each of its marketing strategies, and has been an example of social media since its inception.

NFL, replicating the NBA model

Knowing the success of the NBA, it didn't take long for the NFL to try to replicate the same concept, but adapted to their sport. American football is one of the sports with the largest number of fans and, due to the possibilities offered by the app, it is possible to offer the public some of the highlights of the games with a large audience.

Of all the brands mentioned in this article, it is one of the ones that took the longest to become known at Tik Tok, opening its profile in 2019. However, it has not taken long for it to become one of the accounts with the largest number of followers. The fun moments of the games, combined with the music, have become his main hallmark.

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